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Plungie Arena, 11' 5" Round Precast Concrete Pool
Plungie Arena, 11' 5" Round Precast Concrete Pool
Plungie Arena, 11' 5" Round Precast Concrete Pool

    Plungie Arena, 11' 5" Round Precast Concrete Pool


    10-year structural and internal ecoFinish warranty.

    Plungie Arena

    Say hello to the Plungie Arena - the precast round concrete swimming pool of your dreams! The perfect fit for most landscapes, the Plungie Arena is easy to install and maintain, even in the smallest backyards. 11' 5" diameter and with plenty of bench space, it’s an excellent choice for clients seeking a solution that’s great for lounging and recreational swims.

    Round Plunge Pools, like Plungie’s Arena Design, have become increasingly popular over the years due to their numerous benefits. First and foremost, the compact size of a round plunge pool makes it a perfect choice for homeowners with limited outdoor space. Its circular shape makes it easy to fit into small or awkward spaces, such as a backyard corner or a patio area. Additionally, the pool's small size means that it requires less maintenance and fewer chemicals, making it a cost-effective option for those who want to enjoy the benefits of a pool without the high maintenance costs.


    • Highly-engineered concrete shell
    • Multi-coloured LED Light
    • Skimmer Box
    • Pre-plumbed filtration return lines

    Add-ons and Modifications

    • Spa Jets
    • Equipment Packages: Filter, Chlorinator, Pump
    • Waterline Tile Provision



    • Diameter - External: 11' 5", Internal: 10' 10"

      Height - External: 5' 6½", Internal: 5' 3"

      Volume - 2,370 gal

      Dry weight - 16,000 lbs

      Keywords: Swimming Pool, Spool, Swim Spa, Backyard, Outdoor, Spa Jet, Lifestyle, Yard, Garden, Patio, Concrete Pool, Concrete Precast Pool, Renovation

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