Black Retractable Range Hood 60cmBlack Retractable Range Hood 60cmBlack Retractable Range Hood 60cmBlack Retractable Range Hood 60cmBlack Retractable Range Hood 60cmBlack Retractable Range Hood 60cmBlack Retractable Range Hood 60cmBlack Retractable Range Hood 60cm
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Black Retractable Range Hood 60cm

Improve the air quality of your kitchen with BLACK RETRACTABLE RANGE HOOD 60CM – DE6RP, perfect for small spaces. Its flexibility allows install as purifier or exhaust fan, due to its multifunction.

It counts on two types of filter: aluminum removable filters for fat, which can be washed in a dishwasher, and activated charcoal filters that keeps your kitchen away from unwanted smell. Built-in LED lights give you full visibility while saving energy.

It relies on 320m²/h suction power to keep your kitchen environment clean, nice and beautiful with a modern glass finishing. It is recommended for 4 burner stoves for best performance.

Retractable and compact design: powerful and efficient, ideal for small spaces

Multifunctional: Flexible installation allows install as purifier or exhaust fan Double Filtering: aluminum reusable and washable filters for fat particles and activated charcoal to avoid smells.

Built-in LED lights: visible and economic

High suction power: 320m³/h to keep smells away.

2 Speeds: adjust it according to your need.

Glass finishing: resistant and sophisticated

Ideal for 4 burner stoves.

  • Finishing: Glass
    Height (packed) (mm): 390
    Height (mm): 215
    Controls: mechanical
    Color: Bacl
    Electric Current (A): 0.7
    EAN: 13 7909569403358
    Filter: Aluminum Filter and Activated Carbon Filter
    Frequency (Hz): 60
    Purifier Function: Yes
    Exhaust function: Yes
    Warranty: 12 Months
    Lighting: Yes
    Free Installation: No
    Width (packed) (mm): 640
    Width (mm): 600
    Operation Indicator Light: No
    Model (code): DE6RP
    Noise Level: 55 dB
    Touch Panel: No
    Gross weight (kg): 7.8
    Net weight (kg): 6.4
    PNC: 946521606
    Power (W): 84
    Motor power (W): 80
    Depth (packed) (mm): 298
    Depth (mm): 303
    Number of Lamps: 2
    Number of engines: 1
    SKU (Commercial Code): 29609DBA135
    Voltage (V): 127
    Type: Rage hood
    Type Lighting: LED
    Free flow (m3/h): 320
    Maximum Flow (m3h): 320
    Engine Speeds: 2

Specifikime teknike
  • Referencë unikeDE6RP
  • Familja e produkteveAppliances
  • Grupi i produkteveHoods
  • LlojiObjekt (një objekt të vetëm)
  • Data e botimit2021-10-20
  • Numri i botimit1
  • Gjatësia (mm)215
  • Gjerësia (mm)600
  • Thellësia (mm)303
Të ngjashme
  • Materiali kryesorÇelik
  • Projektuar nëBrazil
  • Prodhuar nëBrazil
  • Weight Net (kg)6.4
  • Kategoria BIMobjectElektronikë - Pajisje
  • IFC classificationAppliance elektrike
  • Uniclass 1.4 CodeL83311
  • Uniclass 1.4 PërshkrimExtractor hoods
  • Uniclass 2015 CodePr_60_65_94
  • Uniclass 2015 PërshkrimVentilation hoods and extract points
  • NBS Reference Code04-14-28
  • NBS ReferenceKitchen Extractor Hoods
  • OmniClass Number23-21 23 43 11

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