nine elms/ london / UK

The hope is that pieces of intriguing and aesthetic Furniture and lighting captivates people's curiosity and imaginations, which is certainly the case with moveart, a Swiss company which specialises in designing and manufacturing interactive bespoke playsculptures. Fusing beauty, Functionality and creativity into the public space, the playsculptures represent harmony with their surroundings. All of their special Forms are derived From the double helix, the DNA chain: the symbol of the origin of life and metamorphosis. Working alongside nature's rhythms, they revitalise urban landscapes in new ways by bringing people from different age groups together via the use of organie Forms. This enlivens urban spaces and inspires human beings in a completely new way. Made From 100% ecological and sustainable Accoya, which is Fully biodegradable and is a 'Gold' Cradle to Cradle-certified product, this company is also hitting the mark From an eco-Friendly perspective with its products and designs.