StoTherm® ci
StoTherm® ci
StoTherm® ci
StoTherm® ci
StoTherm® ci
StoTherm® ci
StoTherm® ci
StoTherm® ci
StoTherm® ci
StoTherm® ci

    StoTherm® ci

    StoTherm®ci is Sto’s best continuous insulation wall system (EIFS). It is a high-performance, energy efficient wall cladding that integrates several proven components – StoGuard®, waterproof air barrier, StoTherm® insulated cladding and drainage, and StoLit® Lotusan, a textured finish with self-cleaning properties.

    Choose from a wide range of colors and textures for every exterior finish, giving you the freedom to create truly unique features. No matter the desired look of the building, StoTherm® ci offers unprecedented flexibility to your building’s design. From architectural shapes and eye-catching finishes to high-performance coatings, the possibilities are virtually limitless.


      • Commercial or Residential
      • Vertical, above grade wall construction
      • Exterior and Interior environments
      • Approved for Metal or Wood studs with exterior sheathing, Masonry, Core-filled CMU
      • Air and Moisture Barrier Performance:  ICC ESR 1748, ICC ESR 1233, ASTM E 2357, ASHRAE 90.1-2019
      • Fire Compliance: NFPA 285, NFPA 268 and NFPA E119
      • Continuous Insulation: 1" minimum - 12" maximum (EPS/XPS)
      • System Weight: < 2 psf (10kg/m2)
      • 15 Year Limited Warranty 
      Concrete barrier commercial residential masonry drainage wood stud façade cladding walls water barrier drain screen
    Teknisk specifikation
    • Unik ref.sto_therm_ci
    • ProduktfamiljWalls
    • ProduktgruppWall Cladding Sheets
    • TypMontering (flera objekt)
    • Publiceringsdatum2022-02-21
    • Edition nummer1
    • HuvudmaterialPolymer-modified cementitious
    • Sekundärt materialPolystyren (EPS)
    • Designad iUSA
    • Tillverkad iUSA
    • BIMobjektkategoriVäggar - Fasadbeklädnad
    • IFC klassificeringVägg
    • UNSPSC namnSiding and exterior wall materials
    • UNSPSC kod301518
    • Uniclass 2015 kodEF_25_10
    • Uniclass 2015 beskrivningWalls
    • CSI MasterFormat 2014 Kod07 24 00
    • CSI MasterFormat 2014 TitelExterior Insulation and Finish Systems
    • OmniClass nummer23-13 33 15
    • OmniClass TitelWall Exteriors
    • CSI UniFormat II KodB2010
    • CSI UniFormat II TitelExterior Walls

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