Barwa System

BARWA SYSTEM Sp. z o.o. company has been existing on the market of constructing materials since 1994. Cooperating with leading Italian companies earned a lot of experience in using aluminium ceiling systems. On the beginning, our company was dealing with import of already made ceiling panels. Earned experience let us start our own production in Olsztyn first of all we produced panel ceilings, after some time as the market needs were growing we had to extend our production range for open cell, open line and coffer ceilings. Ceilings produced by our company are made of aluminium alloys, coated in “Coil Coating” process and then baked. Panels are available in wide range of colours. Aluminium suspended ceilings are an alternative for other types of suspended ceilings. They feature high aesthetic value, lightweight and fast and simple fitting. In this kind of ceilings system, it is possible to camouflage all kind of technical installations.


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