FERMACELL gypsum fibre board

The Fermacell GmbH manufactures and distributes the entire range of FERMACELL products. Whether it is ceilings, walls or floors, we offer complete systems for indoor drywall construction for the industry and the DIY market. The range is rounded off by cement-based HD boards for exterior walls. They are mainly used as fire- and weatherproof boards for wooden framework construction.

FERMACELL gypsum fibre board is simultaneously a building board, fire protection board and wet-room board. It is made from gypsum and recycled paper fibres. FERMACELL gypsum fibre board comes in a whole variety of sizes and formats. It is used for non-load-bearing partition walls with a substructure of steel or wood; in load-bearing walls, it is used with a substructure of wood. Both load-bearing and non-load-bearing indoor partition walls and fire walls can be produced with FERMACELL. The variety of possible uses for FERMACELL gypsum fibre board is also highlighted by its use for load-bearing terminal walls on buildings, as well as for external walls with wooden substructure. In addition, FERMACELL gypsum fibre board is also ideal for lining walls and ceilings, for converting attic spaces, for counter-ceilings and for dry lining.



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