Climablock Standard Element - Stay-in-place formClimablock Standard Element - Stay-in-place formClimablock Standard Element - Stay-in-place formClimablock Standard Element - Stay-in-place form

Climablock Standard Element - Stay-in-place form

CLIMABLOCK® Linear is a stay-in-place form for walls made of two parallel insulating panels measuring 120 x 40 cm in EPS TWINPOR facing each other and hold together by plastic webs of a certain measure that defines the thickness of the concrete wall: can be of 16,2 (17 nominal) – 19,2 (20 nominal) – 25 cm. The internal insulating panel is 6,4 cm thick, while the external insulating panel can be of 6,4 – 9,4 – 12,4 – 18,4 cm. The version with concrete wall thickness of 16,2 (17 nominal) and 19,2 (20 nominal) presents linear, corner and height compensator elements. The assemblable elements of thickness 25 cm presents only linear and height compensator elements. CLIMABLOCK®, patented system of Pontarolo Engineering spa, is the fastest and more economic way to create buildings with low energetic impact (Class A, NZEB …). The main advantages are: - Energy saving: high insulation, thermal inertia and acoustic insulation. - Efficient construction process: simple and quick installation, easy handling, adaptable to any project design. - Economically sustainable: precise costs, high thermal, acoustic and seismic performances, with low maintenances. - High living comfort.
  • Construction of reinforced, thermally insulated walls, using the system CLIMABLOCK® of Pontarolo Engineering S.p.A. from San Vito al Tagliamento in Italy, with concrete of class C25/30 excluded any reinforcement steel as per project design. Concrete, between the insulating panels of the insulated concrete form, casted following manufacturer instructions, of thickness of 16,2 cm (17 cm in nominal) - 19,2 (20 cm nominal) - 25 cm. Inner insulating panel of thickness 6,4 cm, external insulating panel of thickness 6,4 - 9,4 - 12,4 or 18,4 cm. Insulation panels are made of EPS CS(10)150, antireflective of the high performance Twinpor material (black and white), fire reaction class E (self-extinguishing), thermal conductivity equal or less then 0,0316 W/mK and resistance coefficient to vapor diffusion between 30 and 70. The panels will have to be injection molded with omega shaped gorges on the side facing the concrete for a better bonding with it and upper and lower joints for attachment between panels. With a variable overall thickness of the elements (from a min. of 29 cm to a max. of 49,8 cm) a thermal transmittance of U=0,127 W/mqK can be reached (value of EPS panels only, calculated considering the declared thermal conductivity of the material). The elements present vertical recycled plastic webs, that represent the 49% of the overall element weight, every 20 cm, facing out from the internal panel and able to hold an internal finishing panel screwed on them. Including special pieces, wastage, renting and more, excluding internal and external finishing.
  • 唯一参考Insulated_concrete_form_Climablock_Standard
  • 产品系列Insulated Concrete Form
  • 产品组Climablock
  • 类型对象(单个对象)
  • 发布日期2017-09-25
  • 版本号1
  • 主材料EPS
  • 设计国家/地区意大利
  • 制造国家/地区意大利
  • BIMobject 类别墙壁 - 外墙
  • IFC 分类墙壁
  • UNSPSC 名称Structural building products
  • UNSPSC 代码3013
  • Uniclass 2015 代码Pr_25_71_29_62
  • Uniclass 2015 说明Permanent insulation formwork (PIF)
  • CSI MasterFormat 2014 代码03 11 19
  • CSI MasterFormat 2014 标题Insulating Concrete Forming
  • OmniClass 标题Insulated Concrete Forms
  • OmniClass 编号23-13 31 17 17
  • CSI UniFormat II 代码B2010
  • CSI UniFormat II 标题Exterior Walls