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BEMO is your partner for excellence in architecture – for façades and roofs. 

Roofs should not limit space, instead they should open up space. The Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky was convinced that needs create form. We believe that this opens up enormous opportunities for design. A contradiction? Not if you orientate yourself to the greatest architect of all time: Nature.

The leaf is the archetypal form of roof. Its shape is the only right one for the particular place where it grows. Its sustainable design is matched perfectly to the respective environmental conditions. Its richness of variety inspires the observer to give full rein to his/her imagination.

BEMO builds roofs which expand the horizon of the doable. We give planners and architects the freedom they need to break away from conventions. At the same time we satisfy people’s basic need for safe roofs and façades. Using state-of-the-art high-tech systems. And with over 30 years of experience. 

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