Modern Direct Glaze Rectangle WindowModern Direct Glaze Rectangle WindowModern Direct Glaze Rectangle Window
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Modern Direct Glaze Rectangle Window

Combine product ingenuity with pure modern aesthetics and the result is truly stunning.  The Marvin Modern line is made to be built big and perform at scale, complemented by the power of critical design details.

Features:  Large expanses of glass for maximum views with numerous configurations and sizes available;  Rectangular and polygon shapes;  Frame recess accepts a drywall return for seamless integration;  Horizontal or vertical ribbon mulling capabilities;  Non-certified mulling capabilities;  Maximum certified frame size - 141 3/8 x 93 3/8";  Single Unit Performance Rating - CW-PG40;  Vertical or Horizontal Mulled Units Performance Ratings - CW-PG40.

Technische spezifikation
  • Referenznummermarvin_mndg-rect
  • ProduktfamilieWindows
  • ProduktgruppeFixed Windows
  • TypeObjekt (Einzelobjekt)
  • Veröffentlichungsdatum2019-12-20
  • Editionsnummer3
  • HauptmaterialGlasfaserverstärkter Verbundwerkstoff aus Polymer
  • Sekundär MaterialAluminium
  • Entwickelt inUSA
  • Hergestellt inUSA
  • BIMobject KategorieFenster - Festverglasung
  • IFCClassificationFenster
  • Uniclass1_4CodeL413
  • Classifications.Uniclass1_4BeschreibungWindows
  • Classifications.Uniclass2_0CodePR-59-97
  • Classifications.Uniclass2_0BeschreibungWindows
  • Classifications.Uniclass2015CodePr_30_59_98
  • Classifications.Uniclass2015BeschreibungWindow units
  • Klassifizierung08 50 00
  • Format2014TitelWindows
  • OmniClassNummer23-17 13 19 11
  • CSIUniFormatIICodeB2020
  • CSIUniFormatIITitleExterior Windows

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