Alfagres has 60 years experience in manufacturing wall and floor coverings. Our first product produced was the traditone products in Alfagres. We offer our clients the possibility of “one stop shop” for a unique and various wall-floor coverings portfolio with the same provider. Since 1984 when Alfagres entered the North American market with it’s well known quarry tile, we have experienced great commercial expansion both domestically and internationally (products are sold thought the US, Canada, Caribbean, South and central America, Europe and Asia). We have specialized in offering our customers an integral solution of floor, wall and accent pieces as a single provider. High quality standards with multiple design solutions make Alfagres a leader in finishing products for the construction world. Alfagres' head quarters are located in Bogota, Colombia. Our geographic location poses a strategic advantage, allowing very low lead times to the North & Central American and Caribbean markets. Our sales for North America, the Caribbean, Europe & Asia are managed by OPA International dba ALFAGRES from Miami FL, USA. There are three distribution centers for the North American market: Miami, Los Angeles and Houston.

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