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AstralPool Fluidra

AstralPool is the top brand name in the world of the swimming pool: pools, commercial pools, pools for competitions, water parks, spas, wellness centres and hydrotherapy facilities; offering completely innovative and sustainable solutions.
AstralPool also represents approachability, being there for our customers; innovation, coming up with the right ideas for the times we are living in; reliability, providing punctual service and excellent quality.
AstralPool also stands for effort, continuous improvement, being there... and the trust gained due to its long track record.
AstralPool, with over 40 years of experience in the market, belongs to the Fluidra Group, a Spanish multinational specialised in the development of applications for the sustainable use of water for swimming pools and wellness, water treatment, irrigation and fluid conduction.

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  +34 93 724 39 00
  Fluidra S.A.
Av. Francesc Maciá , 60 Planta 20
08208, Sabadell

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