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Bosun Smooth Ethnic Paver
Bosun Smooth Ethnic Paver
Bosun Smooth Ethnic Paver

    Bosun Smooth Ethnic Paver

    The contemporary Smooth Ethnic paver creates a smooth, even look. Apart from the obvious applications like residential driveways and landscaping, this paver has been used at the entrances of Gautrain stations, various municipal sidewalks and commercial spaces.

    Our Smooth Ethnic paver is generally referred to as a “Cottage Stone Paver.” 

    • Install Bosun Smooth Ethnic pavers, size 200mm x 150mm x 55mm thick in [Insert Colour/Texture/Finish] in a [Laying Pattern]

      The following points should be adhered to:


      Earthworks must be done in accordance with SANS1200DM and SANS 1200ME.

      Depressions or uneven surfaces

      Depressions shall be filled with material as specified in SANS 1200ME and shall be compacted accordingly.

      Bedding sand shall not, under any circumstances, be used for this purpose.

      Fall and level

      The subbase shall be so constructed that surface water cannot pond and shall have a longitudinal fall of at least 1% and a transverse fall of at least 2%. 

      Subbase stabilization

      Subbase stabilization should be done in accordance with SANS 1200MJ when required or specified.

      Edge restraints

      Edge restraints consisting of kerbs or channels shall be constructed on the subbase before paving is laid.

      Bedding sand 

      Bedding material shall be river sand with sieve analysis as specified in SANS 1200 MJ.

      Bedding sand shall be spread over the subbase and evenly screeded in the loose condition so as to achieve a thickness of 20 – 30mm.  The sand must be moist. The sand bed shall be laid slightly in advance of the placement of the units but only to the extent that the particular area of pavement can be completed on the same day.

      Where the sand bed is accidentally compacted before the units are laid, it shall be raked and evenly re-screeded in a loose condition.

      Laying of pavers

      Where appropriate, lines shall be set up at right angles to each other to control the alignment of the units. 

      Joint widths shall be between 2 mm and 6 mm.

      Whole units shall be laid first.  Precise, cut pieces shall be fitted into gaps too small to lay complete pavers, such as close to edges and around manholes. 

      Compaction of pavers

      At least two compaction passes shall be made over the paving as soon as possible after laying, and before the introduction of any jointing sand.  By the end of each day, compaction shall be completed to not closer than 1 m from any free edge.  A uniform even surface shall be obtained over the paved area.

      Joint filling

      The joints shall not be filled until all closure units have been inserted, all the necessary adjustments to line and level have been made and the pavement has been subjected to at least two passes of the compactor.

      Dry, fine sand that complies with sieve analysis as specified by SANS 1200MJ shall be broomed into the joints until they are full, and sufficient passes of a plate compactor shall be made to settle the joint filling.  The procedure shall be repeated until the joints remain full after compaction.

      On completion of compaction, all excess sand shall be broomed off and disposed of.  Damage caused during compaction shall be made good by the Contractor at his own expense.


    Technical specification
    • Unique ref.Smooth-Ethnic-Paver
    • Product familyDesigner paving
    • Product groupEthnic
    • TypeBuilding Materials
    • Date of publishing2021-02-03
    • Edition number1
    • Height (mm)150
    • Width (mm)200
    • Depth (mm)55
    • Material mainConcrete
    • Designed inSouth Africa
    • Manufactured inSouth Africa
    • Weight Net (Kg)3.7
    • BIMobject CategoryConstruction Materials - Pavers & Stones
    • UNSPSC namePaving blocks
    • UNSPSC code30171701
    • Uniclass 2015 CodeSs_30_14
    • Uniclass 2015 DescriptionPaving systems
    • OmniClass Number23-11 21 17
    • OmniClass TitlePaving Blocks