Adjustable Square Cone Face Diffuser - Model 5700A

2-Cone square face diffuser with round neck. Available in Steel (5700), Aluminized Steel (5700 AS), and Aluminum (5700 AL), construction.

  • The 5700 provides a tight horizontal 360° discharge pattern for superior induction and occupant comfort
  • The 5700 can be converted in the field to a 3 cone diffuser (5800) with the addition of the optional Snap-58
  • Available in metric 600mm x 600mm lay-in
  • Model 5700A is adjustable from horizontal to vertical discharge
  • Lay-in T-bar border 6 can be used in surface mounting applications by adding optional T-bar Plaster Frame (TBPF)
  • The 5700 series is an excellent choice for VAV applications
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North America
United States