Person with reduced mobility parking place

This layout pattern for parking space dedicated to people with reduced mobility (PRM) uses the permeable carriageway surfacing system O2D PAVE® designed by O2D ENVIRONNEMENT® :
•  TTE® MultidrainPlus grid to fill with TTE® concrete paving
•  A drainage-enhanced and load-bearing foundation material designed for light vehicle parking (c.f. technical information included in the Specifications)

A staggered layout pattern is employed (grid dimensions: 80 x 40 cm), and physical edging structures are provided.

The O2D PAVE® system permits access to persons with reduced mobility (PRM): gaps and projections of less than 2 cm.

Marking of the PRM logo is achieved using TTE® white coloured concrete paving on a background of blue paving. The dimensions of this specific parking space are: 522.5 cm (length) x 300 cm (width). It is possible to adjust the dimensions of parking spaces by modifying the positioning of the paved lines, or by adding/removing grid modules.

The TTE® system is modular: a single base structure accommodates different infill options (paving/grass/gravel).

The O2D PAVE® system provides multiple benefits:
      - Technical advantages: optimum load-bearing and load distribution capabilities (exceptional static load resistance: 10 Newtons/mm², equivalent to 1,000 tonnes/m²)
      - Applications: flexibility of design associated with the versatility of infills (paving available in nine colours for the formation of markings, option for the combination of paved/grass/gravel infills) and low maintenance (collection of autumn leaves)
      - Environmental benefits: conservation of water resources and reduction of the urban heat island effect

TTE® MultidrainPlus grids constitute an eco-material generated by a high-grade recycling system, produced from recycled household wastes (using the German DUAL system). Recycled, recyclable and reversible, this material contributes to the achievement of a circular economy. The permeable surfacing systems developed by O2D ENVIRONNEMENT are recommended in the context of eco design projects, incorporating the natural infiltration of rainwater and the provision of green surfaces.

Applications: drainage-enhanced parking spaces, permeable parking spaces, drainage-enhanced paved parking spaces, permeable paved parking spaces, PRM accessibility

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