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Solid Tray MKS-Magic Cable Systems

Solid Tray MKS-Magic Cable Systems

  • Same benefits as our standard solid tray but with SELF CONNECTING feature. Perfect for heaver duty applications routing higher capacity cables. Factory formed fitting make installation easy. Solid design keeps cable completely enclose and free from contaminants

MKS Magic Solid

Self Connecting cable tray. No connection hardware or splice plates required for connecting straight runs and Magic fittings. OBO Bettermann’s solid style cable tray is available for both medium and heavy-duty applications.  A wide variety of fittings, covers and dividers are offered for each height and width combination.


  • Patented Magic connection allows installer to quickly connect lengths of tray and Magic fittings with a single snap.
  • Wide variety of Magic fittings available including: 90 and 45 degree bends, adjustable bends, tees, crosses, vertical bends and adjustable vertical bends.
  • Heavy duty 1.5mm [16 gauge] thick steel is available
  • Complete range of mounting accessories available including: wall brackets, splices, ceiling mounts, beam supports and floor mounts.



  • 1mm-1.5mm [19-16 gauge] plate thickness
  • 60mm- 110mm [2-4”] side heights
  • 50mm-600mm [2-24”] widths

Gauge and inch measurements are approximations only. 

Technical specification
  • Unique ref.solid-mks-magic
  • Collection setCable Trays and Horizontal Racks
  • CollectionSolid Cable Tray Systems
  • TypeObject (single object)
  • Date of publishing2014-01-29
  • Edition number1
  • BIMobject CategoryElectrical - Distribution

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