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The name Ramon Soler is associated since 1890 with the production of high quality tapware and bathroom accessories. Founded by Miguel Soler and his business partner Castella, Ramon Soler began in a small workshop in Barcelona producing valves for wine casks. With the passage of time complete production extended to the inclusion of bathroom and kitchen valves, as well as premium tapware in the form of showers and hydrotherapy.

The large product portfolio of products combined with the exceptional quality have helped to expand the firm globally, being present in more than 60 countries in five continents.

Presently the main production plant which is located in St. Joan Despí (Barcelona) is more than 16,000mand produces more than 3,000 references annually.

Ramon Soler assumes its responsibility with the environment with the production of eco-efficient products which permit the optimization of natural resources. We take into account the energy used in all of the production processes, with the full optimization of production runs. Climate change and sustainable production practices are part of our company philosophy, in which we strive to achieve our complete product cycle conforming to updated legislation.

Ramon Soler not only focuses itself on the environment but on modern society and its needs, at all levels be they regional, national or international. The objective is to exploit the great potential the compnay within these areas, and this is paramount through the cooperation forged with different groups and foundations.

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+34 93 3738001OFFICE: C/ Vallespir, 26 Pol. Indl. FontsantaWAREHOUSE: C/ Samonta, 27 Pol. Ind. Fontsanta08970, Sant Joan Despí (Barcelona)Spain