versatile moving walk: orinoco [horizontal, ASME, American standard]

The versatile moving walk for longer distances

Count on this moving walk to take you to places. orinoco harmoniously blends into your building's architecture. Perfect for airports, exhibition halls, Metro hubs, indoors or out, wherever visions become reality. orinoco offers you the maximum in safety and technology for optimum ride comfort. Long or short distances. And you have plenty of choices – from stainless steel fairing to skirt band lighting. The orinoco moving walk complements your building while maintaining its individual character.

Advantages at a glance:
Maximum availability thanks to superior product quality and extensive experience
Up to 1.600mm of usable width.
Energy-saving technology cuts operating costs
Smooth running and quiet, with an efficient drive
Increased safety thanks to patented handrail inlet
Space requirements balanced with transport capacity
Long service life and low TCO
Numerous individual design options

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