Laboratory Drying Rack

Epoxy Resin Drying Rack

Epoxy Resin drying rack. Each rack is designed as a pegboard to hold lab equipment as it drys.

Standard sizes
Widths: 18", 30", 36"
Depths: 1"
Heights: 24", 30", 36"

  • Pricing is INCLUDED in model
  • Cost estimate updates dynamically with changes made to the model

Family DesignThe SSG pegboards are designed to be highly flexible and adaptable with each model built to reflect its real world counterpart. Once loaded, each model has a variety of different size types to choose from. Simply select the size you wish to use and then place it into your model.In addition, each model comes with a high level of information built in. Each model has a worst case budget price which updates as you manipulate the model. Thus allowing the designer and client to quickly understand where all the money is being spent. Also, within each model type, there are links to more detailed information should you need it. Having this level of flexibility combined with a high level of information is truly what BIM was meant to be.
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