Industry Standard Single Horizontal Carrier for Floor Mounted Back Outlet Bowl - ISCA-101-L/R-BF

Industry Standard Single Horizontal Carrier for Floor Mounted Back Outlet Bowl - ISCA-101-L/R-BF

Series ISCA-101-L/R-BF Industry Standard single horizontal water closet carrier for floor mounted back outlet bowl, with epoxy coated cast iron fitting, 4 in.(102mm) no hub waste and 2 in.(51mm) no hub vent connections, epoxy coated cast iron foot supports and patented compression seal faceplate assembly, ABS nipple with integral test cap and neoprene bowl gasket, plated hardware and chrome cap nuts. The closet carrier legs are embossed with incremental measurements markings, allowing contractors to easily adjust the height of the carrier to the most commonly used fixture requirements.

  • Keywords: cast iron, horizontal left, industrial standard, no hub waste and vent, single closet carrier, watts, drainage, drains, plumbing


    • Compression seal nipple does not require sealants, positively holds test
    • Carrier provides transition to piping system
    • Reversible uprights embossed with incremental height markings
    • For floor mounted back outlet bowls
Spécifications techniques
  • Réference unique.ISCA-101-L-R-BF-Industry-Standard-Single-Horizontal-Carrier-Floor-Mounted
  • Famille de produitsDrainage Products
  • Groupe de produitsSanitary Disposal Components
  • TypeObjet (objet simple)
  • Date de publication2022-03-17
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  • Nom UNSPSCPlumbing fixtures
  • Code UNSPSC3018
  • Code Uniclass 1.4L557
  • Description de l'Uniclass 1.4Supports
  • Code Uniclass 2.0PR-70-09-96
  • Description de l'Uniclass 2.0Wall-Hung Wc Support Brackets
  • Code Uniclass 2015Pr_20_85_09_96
  • Description de l'Uniclass 2015Wall-hung WC support brackets
  • Code de référence NBS70-09-96
  • Description de référence NBSWall-Hung Wc Support Brackets
  • Code CSI MasterFormat 201422 30 00
  • Titre CSI MasterFormat 2014Plumbing Equipment
  • Numéro OmniClass23-31 00 00
  • Code CSI UniFormat IID20
  • Titre CSI UniFormat IIPLUMBING

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