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Optigrün greens roofs in Germany and all around the world.

Optigrün international AG is specialized on green roofs of all sorts and is one of the market-leading companies for roof greening. Optigreen and its partners green more than 2,7 million square meters with different system solutions a year.

Optigrün greens roofs in Germany, Europe and worldwide. Optigrün is one of the market-leading companies in the sector of roof greening in Germany and employs almost 80 people. The company that is managed by Uwe Harzmann consults building owners and architects about the appropriate system solutions, distribute the product and system solutions and trains its partner companies about the correct implementation and use. The railing system SkyGard and the plant containers made from aluminium and stone fibre complement the diverse product range. Consequently the employees of Optigrün are well trained and experts in their respective field. Optigrün international AG counts on an experienced and motivated staff in the office and field service and a modern and fair franchise centered around partner companies. Optigrün partners and employees have an equity stake in the company; this strengthens the partnership and the capital base for future developments and growth. The Optigrün partner network currently comprises of 120 partners.

Historically Optigrün international AG originates from the former company optima-süd and took over the brand "optima" many years ago - we therefore have almost 40 years of experience and know-how in the field of roof greening.

For more information about system solutions, the company and the opportunity to become an Optigrün partner, please contact our employees who will gladly help you.

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  Optigrün International AG
Am Birkenstock 15-19
72505, Krauchenwies
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