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K1552 - Brewer, Coffee, Auto, Elect, 3 Burner, Front/Back

K1552 - Brewer, Coffee, Auto, Elect, 3 Burner, Front/Back

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Space saving front to back automatic coffee maker. This unit includes a heating tank, connection for a cold water supply, decanter service with three burners, funnel and a water flow controller. The unit is used for semi-automatic coffee brewing in cafeterias and commercial institutions. The unit automatically shuts off the water flow when enough has passed through to fill the pot. The unit is normally provided plumbed with a hot water faucet to the side for making other hot drinks (tea, cider, cocoa, etc.). The database height dimension does not include the clearance for coffee decanters warming on the upper burners.
Specifiche tecniche
  • Rif. UnicoK1552
  • Famiglia di prodottoBrewer
  • Gruppo di famigliaCoffee
  • TipoOggetto richiesto
  • Data di pubblicazione2016-01-01
  • Numero di versione1
  • Altezza (mm)530
  • Larghezza (mm)230
  • Profondità (mm)560
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  • Categoria BIMobjectCucine - Cucina - Elettrodomestici
  • Clasificazione IFCElemento d’arredo

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