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Cell Phone Lockers от Salsbury Industries

Cell phone lockers are ideal for health clubs, government facilities, schools, universities, military bases and high security locations. Salsbury Industries offers a complete line of quality cell phone lockers for safe and secure storage of cell phones, tablet PCs, wallets, keys and other small valuables. Cell phone lockers are available as surface mounted or recessed mounted units. Surface mounted cell phone lockers mount directly to a surface whereas recessed mounted cell phone locker units fit into a rough opening and are secured with mounting hardware through the back or side panels. Cell phone lockers can also be purchased as a free standing unit if you buy an enclosure paired with a recessed mounted unit. Other options for the unit include keyed locks, combination locks, resettable locks, door identification, enclosures, pedestals and door slots. Cell phone lockers are available in aluminum, bronze and sandstone and most items are in stock and ship within a few business days.

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