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Designer Wood Lockers от Salsbury Industries

Salsbury Industries carries a complete line of wood lockers that provide a professional appearance for any locker room. Wood lockers are constructed of durable materials and are available in many tiers. A single tier wood locker is going to provide you with the most space per locker door because it is a single door. Double tier, triple tier, four tier and box style designer wood lockers come with multiple locker doors stacked, which allows you to add more lockers per square foot. If you are limited on space but need a large quantity of lockers, choosing multiple tiers will probably be more suitable.

Salsbury designer wood lockers are available as 1 or 3 wide units and Salsbury designer open access and designer gear wood lockers are purchased as individual units. Salsbury solid oak executive wood lockers are available as 1 or 3 wide units and come in single, double, or triple tier styles.

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