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Plastic Lockers от Salsbury Industries

Salsbury Industries offers a variety of plastic lockers that are designed to be used in pool areas, restaurants, gyms and other high humidity environments. Plastic lockers are constructed of water-resistant materials and are available in multiple configurations ranging from double tier to ten tier lockers.

Plastic lockers typically ship within 24 to 48 hours and are a great option when professional lockers are needed in high humidity environments. Plastic lockers are used in locations such as pool areas, locker rooms, health clubs, gyms, restaurants, schools, colleges and a variety of other locations.

Different Types of Salsbury Plastic Storage Lockers

Salsbury plastic storage lockers are the perfect choice for customers looking for a sleek, attractive design that reflects their facility. With neutral colors like gray, blue, and tan, our plastic lockers make the perfect, aesthetically pleasing option, every time.

At Lockers.com, we offer a wide variety of styles for our plastic lockers, including:

  • Double Tier, Triple Tier, Four Tier, Five Tier, Eight Tier & Ten Tier
  • One Wide and three wide configurations

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