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Epica DGX 16 Pre-Engineered Matrix Switchers Digital Video with DVI, Designed to Route and Distribute High-Resolution Computer DVI Signals to Multiple Displays

Ref. unike: amx-00094
Markë: AMX
Familja e produktit: Electronics
Grupi i produkteve: Electronic Switchgear
Data e publikimit: 2012-05-01
Numri i botimeve: 1
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The Epica DGX 16 DVI Matrix Switchers are designed to route and distribute high-resolution computer DVI signals to multiple displays while maintaining a true digital signal.

The Epica DGX 16 includes several new key features that simplify the complexity of DVI integration, such as cable equalization, signal re-clocking and the easy to use EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) Programmer that is pre-loaded with the most common EDID settings and also allows custom EDID settings to be loaded on each input. Supporting 4.95 Gbps, the DGX ensures perfect pixel for pixel reproduction for all video resolutions up to 1920x1200. Designed with flexibility, the compact 4RU enclosure is available in various I/O size combinations including 8x16, 16x8 and 16x16. It features several integrator friendly tools designed to simplify setup and reduce installation issues including hot-swappable I/O boards, real-time system monitoring, and fully redundant, hot-swappable power supplies with redundant power feeds.

The Epica DGX 16 DVI Matrix Switchers are ideal for any installation that requires high-resolution digital computer video be displayed on multiple screens such as auditoriums, command and control centers, digital signage applications and more.


  • True uncompressed DVI digital matrix switching ensures the purity of the digital image is never compromised
  • Supports DVI resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz
  • Provides additional power on every DVI output commonly used to power external DVI extenders
  • Pre-loaded with the most common EDID settings on each of the matrix switcher's input connectors to emulate the display's response when queried, which ensures transmission of the video from the source device
  • Custom EDID settings can be loaded on each input with the use of the included EDID Programmer
  • Equipped with advanced diagnostics, the Epica DGX 16 ensures verification of power on each board, signal on each input and output, temperature detection for multiple points in the enclosure, and detection of overall power draw
  • Pre-Engineered Epica DGX 16 systems can be field upgraded by adding (as space allows) or replacing boards; this includes adding DGX SC Optical input and output boards for integrated signal transmission over fiber
  • Standard RS-232 control port
  • Standard USB (mini-B) port can be used as a virtual Com port for serial communication with a PC
  • Supports AutoPatch's simple BCS serial control protocol
  • Standard Integrated TCP/IP APWeb control
  • Includes intuitive front mounted control panel featuring LED backlit LCD and blue light buttons, allowing quick and easy access to execute many commands including status, change, disconnect, local presets, global presets, front panel lock and unlock, and more
  • Ships with free AutoPatch matrix switcher configuration software
  • Ships with free APControl to provide easy single-user PC control of the matrix switcher
  • Supports Native NetLinx over the TCP/IP port
  • Rack mounting ears included
  • Free upgrade to a lifetime warranty available
  • Fully redundant power supplies with independent power paths for maximum reliability
  • Local presets allow quick recall of a pre-programmed set of switches with a single command; multiple presets can exist within a system at the same time
  • Global presets allow quick recall of a comprehensive snapshot of all switches

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Kodi i UNSPSC: 39121105
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Uniclass 2.0 Përshkrimi: High Voltage Switchgear
Uniclass 2015 Kod: Pr_60_70_36
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NBS Reference Kod: 86-38
NBS Reference Përshkrimi: High Voltage Switchgear
CSI MasterFormat 2014 Code: 33 75 00
CSI MasterFormat 2014 Title: High-Voltage Switchgear and Protection Devices
OmniClass Numër: 23-35 31 31
OmniClass Titull: Switchgear
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Overall Dimensions 6-13/16" x 19" x 15"
Power 100 VAC to 240 VAC