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Deante is a Polish brand that for 27 years prospers on the market . Wide range of our assortment includes kitchen equipment, such as: mixers, kitchen sinks made of granite, steel and ceramics, as well as bathroom equipment, covering shower set and panels, shower trays, cabins, mixers and ceramics. The Deante Company cooperates with leading award-winning designers and young talents. Thanks to their creativity we are able to offer innovative products that are well recognized and award winning in many design competitions, such as:

  • Top Design Award
  • Złote Ville
  • Dobry Design

We own modern granite kitchen sink production factory located in Tomaszów Mazowiecki, within the Lodz Special Economic Zone. There are more than one million of our products a year that are installed in polish houses. Deante is proud to be considered as trustworthy business partner what was confirmed by numerous titles.

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  +48 42 714 30 31
  Deante Office
ul. Twarda 11/13
95-100, Zgierz
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