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Volet Roulant Rénovation Évolution 4

Ref. unike: E4
Familja e produktit: Volets Roulants Rénovation avec Caisson
Grupi i produkteve: Evolution 4
Data e publikimit: 2020-09-18
Numri i botimeve: 1
Lloj: Objekt (një objekt të vetëm)
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Find in the section « Download » every usefull informations for your project : technical drawings, data sheet, notice, downloading procedure of the « Vent & Volet » mobile app, argumentary of the connected general remote control Calyps’HOME®.  

Evolution 4 ITE Roller Shutter - Specially adapted to projects with Thermal Insulation from the Outside: the smallest in its category to leave plenty of room for the insulation, with optional angle bracket for a clean finish of the insulation and a hatch that can be removed from underneath for inspection of the mechanism - Both heat shield, defense against intrusion and solar protection to improve your comfort

- Smallest box in its category with total erasure of the final slat in the box to limit the loss of glazing clarity and promote light input
- For safety : automatic Anti-lifting device from the outside, slides and final blade made of highly resistant extruded aluminum
- Exclusive Enduro chassis tested 14,000 cycles (40 years of operation with one ascent and descent per day)
- Automatic Locking Device (DVA) developed by Profalux
- Possibility of recovering 4 mm of play-free width at the time of installation

To know : compatible with a Calyps'HOME connected general remote control (sold as an option) to close the shutters at the same time with a single button, even remotely


Technical specifications

Find all the technical product information in the Technical Data Sheet available in "Download"


Aluminium blades :
- PX39 = curved blade 39 mm Alu double-wall profile with CFC-free polyurethane foam

- PX39 Thermo-Reflex™ = curved blade 39 mm Alu double-wall profile with polyurethane foam with Thermo-Reflex™ winter special thermal lacquer to retain the interior heat

- PX39 ISOMAXX = curved slat 39 mm Alu double-skinned profile with polyurethane foam with Thermo-Reflex™ and Beckrytherm thermal lacquer for double insulating effect Summer-Winter

- PX40 = 40 mm flat slat 40 mm double-walled aluminium profile with CFC-free polyurethane foam

- PX55 = 55 mm curved blade 55 mm Double-walled aluminium profile with CFC-free polyurethane foam

PVC blades :
- PVC40 : 40 mm curved blade

Manoeuvres that can be done :
Radio (Profalux engine only)
Wired (Profalux motor only)

Slide : C48 - C62 - C62L - C63 (depending on blades and configuration)

Min. limits :
Profalux Electric motor without back-up
LDC* min. = 425 mm (443 if slide different from C48R)
HCC* min. = 400 mm

Limits of use of Evolution 4 aluminium blades According to type of blades - download technical data sheet

Box :
Box shape : square
Box sections : 123/ 132/155/170/205/230 - depending on blades and configurations.
Box dimensions :
123 X 230 mm
132 X 137 mm
155 X 157 mm
170 X 170 mm
205 X 205 mm
230 X 230 mm

Max. length : 14 mm/side

Wind resistance V*3 or V*5 according to blades and / or dimensions

Please note : The mobile app « Vente & Volet » allows you to calculate in a few clicks the wind resistance class your rolling shutters, BSO or vertical stores may respect. For your project according to the DTU 34.4

Materiali kryesor: Aluminium
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Projektuar në: France
Prodhuar në: France

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