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Vivreau Advanced Water Systems

Vivreau began life in the UK more than three decades ago. At the time, European bottled water companies were taking the world by storm, carving out a niche for their products by selling images of pristine, snow-capped mountains and idyllic spas. The notion was that their water was somehow much better than your water and the lifestyle afforded to its drinkers became aspirational for the rest of us.

Ultimately, however, these products still required millions upon millions of bottles to package and left a significant footprint as they made their way to markets around the globe. Consumers began selecting water that had travelled from thousands of miles away rather than leverage local sources and landfills began to see significant quantities of single serve bottled product refuse despite the growth of recycling infrastructure.

Enter Vivreau, a progressively minded company that embraced this simple idea: local water can be transformed to be every bit as good as the heavily marketed bottled stuff, but with a tiny fraction of the footprint. Through advanced filtration, chilling, carbonation and touch-of-a-button or pull-of-a-handle convenience, Vivreau offered a responsible, intuitive and above all else, enjoyable, water solution.

In 2008, Vivreau was brought to the US and Canada. It quite literally originated a new category in the marketplace: premium table water dispensing. Up until Vivreau’s arrival on the scene, the market offered only low-output point-of-use systems or massive commercial units that required complex hardwiring into the venue’s infrastructure. Vivreau’s ease of use and broad range of systems with custom configurable components meant that clients could select a system ideal for their venue, with minimal effort. Meanwhile, Vivreau’s signature, proprietary glass bottles permitted a powerful new brand extension for the continent’s top companies and soon became a fixture in boardrooms and VIP lounges from coast to coast.

Today, Vivreau still leads the premium table water bottling category by staying ahead of the curve through innovation and unmatched service. We are privileged to have a client list that is a who’s-who of the most respected and successful companies on the continent.

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