2.1.2 WALL LININGS - Direct bond Enairgy Isopop®2.1.2 WALL LININGS - Direct bond Enairgy Isopop®2.1.2 WALL LININGS - Direct bond Enairgy Isopop®2.1.2 WALL LININGS - Direct bond Enairgy Isopop®
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2.1.2 WALL LININGS - Direct bond Enairgy Isopop®

Direct bond lining made up of a processed Enairgy Isopop® panel attached directly to the wall using dollops of MA Enairgy® adhesive mortar placed every 300 mm horizontally and 400 mm vertically. Commensurate amounts of Pladur® materials: joint compounds, adhesive mortar, joint tape, etc. Completely finished with Quality Level 1 (Q1) for tile finishes, laminates, furring, etc. Also with Level 2 (Q2), Level 3 (Q3) or Level 4 (Q4), according to the surface finish (to be determined by the design). Installed according to Pladur® recommendations, UNE 102043 Standard and CTE requirements.
  • Lining of interior and façade walls to increase their thermal insulation. Used in all types of construction, from new construction to rehabilitation and renovation.
Technische Spezifikation
  • Referenznummerpladur_2_trds_2_12
  • Produktfamilie2. Trasdosados PLADUR®
  • Produktgruppe2.1. Directos
  • TypObjekt (Einzelobjekt)
  • Veröffentlichungsdatum2017-06-22
  • Editionsnummer2
  • HauptmaterialGips
  • Sekundär MaterialTrockenbauplatte
  • Entwickelt inSpanien
  • Hergestellt inSpanien
  • BIMobject KategorieWände - Wandbeläge und -verzierungen
  • IFCClassificationWand
  • UNSPSCNameGypsum board
  • UNSPSCCode30161509
  • Uniclass1_4CodeJK
  • Classifications.Uniclass1_4BeschreibungLinings/Sheathing/Dry partitioning
  • Classifications.Uniclass2_0CodeSS-25-25-45
  • Classifications.Uniclass2_0BeschreibungLining And Casing Systems
  • Classifications.Uniclass2015CodeSs_25_25
  • Classifications.Uniclass2015BeschreibungWall lining systems
  • NBSReferenceCode25-25-45
  • NBSReferenceBeschreibungExternal Single Skin Walls External Finishes
  • Klassifizierung06 16 43
  • Format2014TitelGypsum Sheathing
  • OmniClassNummer23-15 15 23
  • CSIUniFormatIICodeC3010
  • CSIUniFormatIITitleWall Finishes

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