Linear Slot Diffuser - Narrow Tee Mounting - Model 6600 Series

Supply / Return Linear Slot Diffusers w/ Integral Volume / Directional Pattern Controllers
The 6600 series aluminum linear slot diffusers are an excellent choice for continuous linear applications, providing a clean appearance and easy installation.
Base models in the 6600 series vary by slot width and include: 6650(1/2" slot), 6675(3/4" slot), 6610(1" slot) and the 6615 (1-1/2" slot). A wide range of frame and border styles are available for different ceilings and installations.Return units without pattern controllers (6600R) and mitered corner models (6600MC) round out the offering.

  • Available in 1 to 8 slots with 1/2", 3/4", or 1" slot width. 1-1/2" slot width is available in 1 to 4 slots.
  • Units are available in a single section up to 8'. This feature gives a clean appearance and makes installation easier with fewer joints to line up
  • Pattern controllers on supply units are aluminum and are adjustable from the face of the diffuser and can be set to adjust volume or throw direction from vertical to horizontal
  • Available for T-bar Lay-in, surface mount, narrow tee, dropped face, concealed spline, or concealed spline/plaster frame
  • Available Universal Plenum (UP) can be provided for all 6600 Series.
  • The 6600 series is an excellent selection for variable volume systems supplying a tight horizontal pattern from maximum to minimum throws
  • The 6600R is designed for return applications. The unit is supplied without pattern controllers to reduce pressure and noise
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