Fixed/Adjustable Round 2-Cone Diffuser - Model 3100

Series 3100 Round Fixed and Adjustable Diffusers incorporate a high induction design to efficiently handle large volumes of air at high cooling temperature differentials and yet maintain low room air motion. They provide full adjustability from horizontal to vertical projection for spot heating or cooling applications. Two outer cone designs are available: The -1 frame, a flush-to ceiling style for low silhouette applications; and the -2 frame, a dropped cone design to avoid ceiling surface mounted objects and minimize smudging. Center cores of both -1 and -2 frame styles are removable and interchangeable.

  • High induction / capacity 2 cone diffuser
  • Can be adjusted for vertical or horizontal discharge
  • Available 3100 aluminum construction or 3100S steel construction
  • Lower profile flush face, or dropped face designs are available
  • 30" and 36" units are available in non-adjustable models only
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