UP-4slim UltraCompact Installation Loudspeaker

The UP-4slim ultra-compact installation loudspeaker is ideally suited for applications requiring a small, slim, aesthetically pleasing cabinet that delivers high sound pressure levels with low distortion, and uniform coverage. The UP-4slim offers this exceptional audio performance in a compact self-powered package with a remote power supply. As a standalone loudspeaker, the UP-4slim is appropriate for vocal reinforcement, front-fill and under balcony fill applications. The UP-4slim can be optionally paired with a Meyer Sound subwoofer to create a full range system. One MM-10ACX can also power one UP-4slim.


· Extraordinary fidelity and power in a compact, sleek aluminum package

· Low distortion drivers and a metal dome tweeter deliver a smooth high-frequency response

· Wide, symmetrical coverage pattern creates a broad listening area

· Unique crossover design eliminates comb filtering and yields a consistent midrange response

· Exceptional SPL-to-size ratio

· Supports long cable runs with light-gauge cables


· Front-fill and under-balcony fill coverage

· Theatrical sound reinforcement and special effects

· Installed AV systems

· Compact voice reinforcement systems

· Constellation Acoustic Systems

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