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UP-4slim UltraCompact Installation Loudspeaker

Unique ref.: meyersound-up-4slim
Brand: Meyer Sound
Product family: Loudspeakers
Product group: ULTRA
Width (inches): 4.29
Height (inches): 15.9
Depth (inches): 5.69
Date of publishing: 2020-03-12
Edition number: 2
Type: Object (single object)
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The UP-4slim ultra-compact installation loudspeaker is ideally suited for applications requiring a small, slim, aesthetically pleasing cabinet that delivers high sound pressure levels with low distortion, and uniform coverage. The UP-4slim offers this exceptional audio performance in a compact self-powered package with a remote power supply. As a standalone loudspeaker, the UP-4slim is appropriate for vocal reinforcement, front-fill and under balcony fill applications. The UP-4slim can be optionally paired with a Meyer Sound subwoofer to create a full range system. One MM-10ACX can also power one UP-4slim.


· Extraordinary fidelity and power in a compact, sleek aluminum package

· Low distortion drivers and a metal dome tweeter deliver a smooth high-frequency response

· Wide, symmetrical coverage pattern creates a broad listening area

· Unique crossover design eliminates comb filtering and yields a consistent midrange response

· Exceptional SPL-to-size ratio

· Supports long cable runs with light-gauge cables


· Front-fill and under-balcony fill coverage

· Theatrical sound reinforcement and special effects

· Installed AV systems

· Compact voice reinforcement systems

· Constellation Acoustic Systems

The loudspeaker shall be a self-powered, full- range system; the transducers shall consist of two 4-in low frequency cone drivers and one 1-in high-frequency metal dome tweeter. The loudspeaker system shall incorporate internal processing electronics and a three channel amplifier, one channel for each driver. Processing functions shall include equalization, phase correction, signal division, and driver protection. The crossover point shall be 1.5 kHz. Amplifier channels shall be class D. Amplifier output power shall be 500 W total for all three channels. Distortion (THD, IM, TIM) shall not exceed 0.02%.

Performance specifications for a typical production unit shall be as follows, measured at 1/3-octave resolution:
operating frequency range shall be 65 Hz to 18 kHz; phase response shall be 102 Hz – 18 kHz ±45°; linear peak SPL shall be 116.5 dB measured with M-noise, free field at 4 meters and referred to 1 meter. The horizontal and
vertical coverage shall be 100°.

The loudspeaker shall be equipped with a Phoenix 5-pin male connector (three pins for balanced audio and two
pins for DC power). The audio input shall be electronically balanced with a 10-kOhm impedance and accept a
nominal -2.0 dBV (0.8 V rms) input signal. Power requirements for the loudspeaker shall be a Meyer Sound MPS-488HP IntelligentDC power supply capable of delivering 48 V DC. Maximum long-term continuous current draw for the loudspeaker (< 10 s) shall be 1.0 A average at 48 V.

All components shall be mounted in an acoustically vented box shaped enclosure constructed of aluminum. Top and bottom shall incorporate M8 threads. The front protective grille shall be powder-coated, stamped steel.
Dimensions for the loudspeaker shall be 15.90 in high x 4.29 in wide x 5.69 in deep (403.9 mm x 109 mm x 144.4
mm) without mounting bracket. Weight shall be 14 lb (6.35 kg).

The loudspeaker shall be the Meyer Sound UP-4slim.

Keyword: Subwoofer, Subwoofers, Loudspeaker, Loudspeakers

Material main: Aluminium
Material secondary: Aluminium
Designed in: United States
Manufactured in: United States
Weight Net (Lbs): 14

BIMobject Category: Electronics - Audio Electronics
Uniclass 1.4 Code: L76116
Uniclass 1.4 Description: Loudspeakers
Uniclass 2.0 Code: PR-75-06-49
Uniclass 2.0 Description: Loudspeakers
Uniclass 2015 Code: Pr_70_75_36_50
Uniclass 2015 Description: Loudspeakers
NBS Reference Code: 75-06-49
NBS Reference Description: Loudspeakers
CSI MasterFormat 2014 Code: 27 24 23
CSI MasterFormat 2014 Title: Audio-Video Devices
OmniClass Number: 23-37 15 29 11 13
OmniClass Title: Loudspeakers
This product is available in:
North America
  • United States

BIMobject SEEK Properties

Electronics - Audio

Name Value
Depth 5.69 in
Height 15.9 in
Width 4.29 in