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Calematic® 1 time 6 chocks
Calematic® 1 time 6 chocks
Calematic® 1 time 6 chocks
Calematic® 1 time 6 chocks

    Calematic® 1 time 6 chocks

    During the loading and unloading phase, the risk of the fork-lift truck falling is very common. There are two main causes: - Unexpected departure - Progressive movement of the dockside trucks. Solution : The Calematic is a system for chocking trucks: - Universal - Fully automatic - Buried in the ground, without the risk of damaging the trailers - Sturdy and reliable, very low maintenance costs - Adaptable to the environment of all docks
    • The Calematic Standard Operation Mode: - Reversing the truck - The chocks rise automatically when the sectional gate or barrier is opened. - Once the chocks have lifted, the operator is allowed to set up the dock leveller to perform the transhipment operations. - At the end of these operations, the operator can put the dock leveller to the starting position. - When the sectional gate or the barrier * closes, the chocks are unblocked. The truck is then allowed to leave.
    Technical specification
    • Unique ref.GPS010002
    • Product familyTruck Stop Systems, Security systems, systèmes de sécutité, blocage de roue, sécurité camion
    • Product groupCalematic® 1 time 6 chocks
    • TypeObject (single object)
    • Date of publishing2020-01-14
    • Edition number1
    • Height (mm)4760
    • Width (mm)780
    • Depth (mm)330
    • Material mainMetal
    • Material secondaryConcrete
    • Designed inFrance
    • Manufactured inFrance
    • Weight Net (Kg)2400
    • BIMobject CategoryLoading Equipment - Loadhouses

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