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Formica Group North America

Formica Group, the inventor of laminate, has been surfacing spaces for 100 years.

Today, we globally lead the industry in the design, manufacturing and distribution of surfacing materials, from high-pressure laminates, specialty laminates and solid surfacing, to sinks, commercial casework, and other related products. We believe great design is meant for everyone, and we provide surfacing solutions and services for both commercial clients as well as homeowners.

At Formica Corporation, our mission is to make top quality surfacing products accessible to all. That’s why we offer products that provide a broad range of creative options that allow you to achieve the look you want, whatever your design challenge or budget.

Working closely with the surfacing industry at large, we introduce new designs and product innovations continually — in response to customer demands and in line with current and emerging interior design trends.

Our innovative surfacing products feature a broad array of beautiful colors, designs, textures, and finishes that are affordable, stylish, practical, and responsible.

We offer versatile surfacing solutions that meet real world needs.

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  Formica Group North America
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