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Número de Artículo: isolatek-typemii-o-g
Fabricante: Perlite Italiana
Familia del producto: Isolatek
Grupo del producto: TYPEMII O&G
Fecha de publicación: 2019-10-07
Número de edición: 1
Tipo: Objeto (objeto simple)
Descarga (2)

ISOLATEK Type M-II is a single package, factory controlled Spray-Applied Fire Resistive Material (SFRM) recommended for use in petrochemical facilities, refineries, nuclear/power plants, and tunnels. ISOLATEK Type M-II can be a spray texture or smooth trowel finished and requires only the addition of water as an activator. Tested and developed for fire protection of external structural steel components such as tanks, support legs and saddles, piperacks, vessel skirts, sphere legs or interior situations where higher levels of abrasion resistance are necessary. ISOLATEK Type TG is specifically developed only for trowel application in areas where spraying is impractical or not permitted.

For every technical information, quotes,specifications about the application method, and any other request about the product, please contact us at protezionealfuoco@perlite.it.

Material principal: Plaster
Material secundario:
Diseñado en: Italy
Fabricado en: Italy

Categoría BIMobject: Protección contraincendios - Protección
Uniclass 1.4 Código: L6811
Uniclass 1.4 Descripción: Fireproofings
Uniclass 2015 Código: Pr_35_31_68_83
Uniclass 2015 Descripción: Spray-applied fireproof coatings
CSI MasterFormat 2014 Code: 07 81 16
CSI MasterFormat 2014 Title: Cementitious Fireproofing
Número OmniClass: 23-13 25 11 15 13
Título OmniClass: Cementitious Fireproofing
Este producto es apto en :
  • Italy

BIMobject SEEK Properties

Fire Products - Protection

Nombre Valor
Material Plaster




This property set allows objects to be COBie UK BIM Level 2 classified

Nombre Valor
Material Plaster