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DISCOVERY 3X wall-mounted backlit programmable thermostat with touch, battery-run radio frequency

The presence of the touch buttons and of the 4.5” LCD display make the programmable thermostat easy and intuitive even for the less experienced user. Once the appropriate configurations of the system directly from the control panel have been carried out, the programmable thermostat allows quick operations for the management of the area, adjusting the set point temperature, the air flow emitted by the dampers or vents and the automatic blocking of the functions, avoiding accidental operations or operations carried out by unauthorised personnel. The 868 MHz RF transmission signal ensures that information is sent to the “Polaris” control unit with maximum coverage and speed. The programmable thermostat is fastened to the wall very quickly. The programmable thermostat can be attached to / detached from the wall at any time with a slight external pressure by means of a coupling template supplied. From now on more thin.