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The bathroom is used from early morning until late evening, all year round. Here you take a quick shower, a long bath, play with children or wash pets. Here you make yourself ready for work day and party. Regardless of how the room is to be used, requirements for quality, function and design are required. In addition, the bathroom should last many years and for the different stages of life - grow with you and your changing needs. The bathroom caters to needs that do not allow to wait. We have also thought about that. Most of the products are available for delivery the day after ordering and delivery is completed so they only need to be installed. Respect for quality and environment is a matter of course and the foundation for Alternas activities. Through sound values, we want to create a sustainable living environment for climate and people, ranging from product selection to manufacturing and logistics. All this is Alterna Badrum's guiding principle for the development and design of products, whether it be furniture, shower, bath or accessories. The range includes products for most applications and teeth so that you can combine style and function for a sustainable solution, today, tomorrow and years to come.

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  +46 8 583 595 00
  Dahl Sverige AB
Karlsbodavägen 2C
16867, Bromma

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