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Advantages with Dalform

The greatest thing about Dalform is that we are an easy partner to work with. We are a simple company with simple solutions that creates possibilities for you, rather than locks you up with fixed patterns and designs. Our primary advantage will always be our lockers. The way they are built creates value, with durability, safety and good design. A guarantee for you that you’ll always be able to trust our lockers.

Dalform is a name that obligates. Form from Dalarna is known for professional craftsmanship and solid design. In order to create stylish lockers of the highest quality we combine this heritage with modern materials and manufacturing methods. The solid ground structure, with its wholly welded components, has proven to be a successful and durable concept.

Here are some of the advantages that come with Dalform.

  • Piano hinges is a clever solution that guarantees a long life and requires zero maintenance. Because it is possible to open the door 180 degrees, the risks of breaking damages are almost nonexistent.
  • Welded locking mechanism – our stylish shackle construction without any moving parts. It minimizes the need for maintenance and is stronger than other padlock systems.
  • Durable doors with rounded corners. 3 millimeters of massive steel, reinforced on the inside.
  • Stylish structure in one piece, without any unnecessary joints. The structures are welded whole, which gives them great stability.

With us, help is not hard to get. If you want, we’ll be with you whole the way from ordering to installation. We recommend, we discard and we give you tips on what you can do in your own unique situation, a welcome feature for many of our customers. With help from us the hard part will always feel easy.

Welcome to Dalform

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