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Bathing par DURAVIT AG

Bathtubs – Everyday Wellness for Every Bathroom

The bathtub is a key element in every bathroom and choosing the right sophisticated design can leave a lasting impression. The fact that bathing was very important to the Greeks and Romans thousands of years ago is not without reason. They realized that this kind of relaxation is a balm for the body and soul. Just like back then, relaxing in the bathtub gives you a chance to recharge your batteries and forget about everyday life for a while.

Especially on cold winter days or after heavy exercise, nothing beats finishing the evening off with a hot bath full of fragrant water and taking some much needed time out for yourself. With comfort-providing extras like a whirlpool function, a bathtub can be made even more comfortable and customized to meet your individual needs. The well-thought-out design of our Duravit bathtubs is combined with perfect functionality to make it the centerpiece of your personal wellness oasis.

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