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Flat bonded elements - Duropal Elements par Pfleiderer Deutschland

Pfleiderer's HPL bonded boards are ideal for all high-use areas in furniture design and interior fitting. 

They are consisting of wood based panels covered on both sides with hardwearing Duropal HPL that come in a large design variety: Pfleiderer offers a wide choice of decors and surface textures as well as individually requested decors and motifs in digital printing.

The range of cores extends from wood particleboards, MDF and HDF to diverse multi-layered boards. You can also choose from low-emission, low swelling and flame-retardant materials through to magnetic, antibacterial and antiviral surfaces.

To enable consistent, seamless design and colour concepts, Pfleiderer's Duropal Elements are matching in decor and texture with other Pfleiderer products.

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