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Meganite Inc.


MEGANITE® is a solid surface material that meets high standard requirements of today, which provides nonporous, seamless and thermoforming surface capabilities. MEGANITE® is mission to create innovative, high performances surfaces that meets demanding needs for architectural and interior projects of all aspects.  

Building Solid Partnerships since 1976, MEGANITE® is a private family company with over 40 years' experience in raw material for solid surface. Today, as a US-based company, MEGANITE® is a vertical integrated company which makes all key ingredients for solid surface in-house. We build off our long history and expertise to continue to innovate on acrylic solid surfaces. Our managing philosophy is to partner for the long-term, and grow with our distributors and customers. 

For sample request, please contact: info@meganite.com 

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For enquiries or sample request, please contact our head office and we will direct your request to the respective regional office.
Email Us: info@meganite.com
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