Commercial Custom size Curb Mount Domed Skylight (CMT_) for roof slopes 0 - 60 degrees

Commercial Custom size Curb Mount Domed Skylight (CMT_) for roof slopes 0 - 60 degrees


Traditionelle Kuppeln

Ein klassischer Look mit hervorragender Lichtstreuung und Auslaufschutz

Mit überlegenem Wassermanagement und einer sicheren thermischen Abdichtung tragen unsere traditionellen Kuppeln dazu bei, innovatives Tageslicht in jeden Raum zu bringen. Diese Oberlichter sind in Walmfirst, Pyramidenkuppeln und traditionellen runden Kuppeln erhältlich und können dank eines innovativen einteiligen Innenrahmens trocken installiert werden.

Hergestellt, um Bordsteinkanten auf den nächsten 1/4 Zoll zu passen, mit 1/2 Zoll Abstand auf allen Seiten. Ideal für sichtbare Anwendungen, die eine bestimmte Größe und ein klassisches Erscheinungsbild erfordern.


  • CMT2 – Traditioneller Doppeldome für Bordsteinmontage
  • CMT3 – Herkömmliche Triple-Dome-Kamera für Bordsteinmontage
  • CMT4 – Traditionelle Einzelkuppel zur Bordsteinmontage mit Lumira Laylight
  • CMT5 – Traditionelle Einzelkuppel für Bordsteinmontage mit Sicherheitsstangen und Lumira Laylight
  • CMT6 – Traditionelle Doppelkuppel für Bordsteinmontage mit Lumira Laylight
  • CMT7 – Traditionelle doppelte Kuppel für Bordsteinmontage mit Sicherheitsstangen und Lumira Laylight
  • CMP2 – Pyramiden-Doppelkuppel für Bordsteinmontage
  • CMP3 – Pyramiden-Dreifachkuppel für Bordsteinmontage
  • CMP4 – Bordsteinmontage-Einzelpyramide mit Lumira Laylight
  • CMP5 - Bordsteinmontage-Einzelpyramide mit Sicherheitsstangen und Lumira Laylight
  • CMP6 – Pyramiden-Doppelkuppel für Bordsteinmontage mit Lumira Laylight
  • CMP7 - Pyramiden-Doppelkuppel zur Bordsteinmontage mit Sicherheitsstangen und Lumira Laylight



  • LuxGuard klar über weiß prismatisch (P1C2)
  • LuxGuard klar über weiß (P1P2)
  • LuxGuard Klar über Klar (P1P1)
  • LuxGuard klar über Satin Ice (P1H1)
  • LuxGuard klar über klar über weiß prismatisch (P1C2)
  • LuxGuard Klar über Klar über Klar (P1P1)
  • LuxGuard klar über klar über Satin Ice (P1H1)


  • Satin Sky2 über klarer Acrylkuppel (E2A1)
  • Satin Sky2 über weißer Acrylkuppel (E2A2)
  • Satin Sky über klarem Acryl über klarem Acryl (E2A1)
  • Satin Sky2 über klarem Acryl über Satin Ice (E2H1)


  • Klares Acryl über klarem Acryl – (A1A1)
  • Klares Acryl über klarem Acryl – (A1A1)
  • Klares Acryl über satiniertem Eis (A1H1)
  • Weißes Acryl über weißem Acryl (A2A1)
  • Bronzefarbenes Acryl über klarem Acryl (A4A1)

Schlagzähmodifiziertes Acryl (IMA)

  • 100 % klar über 50 % weiß prismatisch

LuxGuard Plus

  • 0,150 klar glatt über 0,118 weißem PC

Große Auswahl an Optionen und Funktionen

Rufen Sie uns unter 1-888-878-3589 an, um weitere Informationen zu erhalten, oder wenden Sie sich an Ihren VELUX-Händler vor Ort, um die Preise zu erfahren.

    • Commercial Traditional Dome Unit Skylight - Guide Specification

      For over 80 years, VELUX has been delivering energy efficient daylight to living spaces where people, live, work, and play. VELUX is the world leader in harnessing the benefits of the sun, providing energy efficient top lighting solutions, and recognized as one of the strongest brands in the global materials and home improvement industry.

      VELUX test facilities ensure that new products comply with regulations and market demands for technical performance. VELUX testing ensures that our products withstand the most difficult climatic conditions in the markets where they are sold. Our test procedures include load capacity, air and water tightness in a test chamber and a weather simulator, mechanical tests, impact test results, durability tests, U-factor and solar heat gain tests, burn brand resistance and visual inspection of the surface quality.

      Contact VELUX America LLC, Greenwood, SC 29648;; 800-888-3589,

      VELUX® is a registered trademark of VKR Holding A/S

      This document is Copyright© 2022 by VELUX America LLC.

        1. Basis-of-Design Product: Subject to compliance with requirements, provide products of VELUX America LLC, Greenwood, SC 29648,

      Specifier: Retain "Substitutions" Paragraph and select one of two options based upon Project requirements.

      1. Substitutions: [None allowed by Owner] [As permitted under Instructions to Bidders and Section 012500 "Substitution Procedures"].
      2. Source Limitations: Obtain unit skylights through single source from single manufacturer.

      Specifier: Retain integral double sided insulated aluminum curb text for deck mount skylights DMT-.

      1. TRADITIONAL DOME UNIT SKYLIGHT ([Curb Mount Model CMT-] [Deck Mount Model DMT-])
        1. System Description: Traditional dome, [curb] [deck] mounted fixed skylight utilizing extruded aluminum frame counter-flashing with welded corners, a PVC inner frame allowing condensation drainage, structural sealant, [integral double sided insulated aluminum curb] and accessories, as required to meet installation and performance requirements indicated. Traditional dome skylights shall be suitable for installation on roof pitches ranging from 0 degrees up to 60 degrees from horizontal.
          1. Basis of Design: VELUX America LLC, Model [CMT-] [DMT-] Traditional Dome Skylight.

      Specifier: The Custom Thermoformed Dome Skylight glazing is sized to meet the specific unit skylight requirements. Prismatic sheets are not offered for the outer dome as prisms pointed away from sun refract as much as 10% the light to the exterior resulting in less daylight passing through the prismatic material. Prismatic sheets used for the inner dome where the prisms point to the light source allows all the daylight to pass through and fully diffuses the light as intended. VELUX refers to polycarbonate traditional domes as LuxGuard and LuxGuard Plus. The LuxGuard and LuxGuard Plus polycarbonate sheets have an integrated enhanced spectral protection (UV blocking) that insures long-term color and performance stability.

      Model CMT2 is a curb mounted traditional double dome skylight with aluminum frame. Model DMT2 is a deck mounted traditional double dome skylight with aluminum frame and integral curb. Model CMT3 is a curb mounted traditional triple dome skylight with aluminum frame. Model DMT3 is a deck mounted traditional triple dome skylight with aluminum frame and integral curb.

      Use white color interior dome when specifying 100% light diffusion.

      1. Thermoformed Traditional Dome: Outer dome shall be formed from smooth sheet and not prismatic in order to transmit all incident daylight through outer dome. [Provide outer polycarbonate domes with integral UV blocking cap layer that prevents long-term yellowing, and insures material strength and performance stability.] [Light diffusion 100%.]

      Specifier: Select double dome glazing(s) required for project a) impact modified acrylic, b) polycarbonate (LuxGuard), c) Polycarbonate (LuxGuard Plus), d) Infrared blocking acrylic or e) acrylic.

      1. [Double dome:

        Specifier: Infrared blocking material is only available as an outer dome for triple dome skylights.

        1. [Triple Dome:
          1. [Polycarbonate (LuxGuard) - Outer dome clear polycarbonate, 0.118 inches in thickness with UV blocking cap layer. Middle dome clear polycarbonate 0.118 inches in thickness. Inner dome [white prismatic polycarbonate, 0.118 inches in thickness.] [polycarbonate, 0.118 inches in thickness], color [clear] [white]. [acrylic satin ice, 0.118 inches in thickness].]]
          2. [Infrared Blocking Acrylic – Outer dome Satin Sky 2, 0.118 inches in thickness. Middle dome clear acrylic 0.118 inches in thickness. Inner dome [clear] [white] acrylic, 0.118 inches in thickness.]]

        Specifier: Middle dome only available with Satin Sky 2 outer dome when specifying energy domes.

        1. [Energy Dome: Outer dome [clear polycarbonate (LuxGuard) 0.118 inches in thickness with UV blocking cap layer] [infrared blocking acrylic (Satin Sky 2) 0.118 inches in thickness]. [Middle dome clear acrylic 0.118 inches in thickness.] Inner glazing flat 3/8 inches thick, clear multi-walled polycarbonate filled with Lumira aerogel [incased in tray with 0.5 inch diameter security bars].]

        Specifier: Traditional dome skylights are not available as a stocked product.

        1. Aluminum Frame Counter-flashing: Maintenance-free, extruded aluminum, grade 6063-T6, 0.08 inch (2.0 mm) thick with [mill] [neutral grey powder coat] finish. Counter-flashing frames completely welded in corners and counter flashes curb a minimum of 1.625 inches (41 mm). Provide aluminum frame with at least 0.5 inch (12 mm) continuous ledge on each side of the skylight that is a pinch free access for stacking, manual transportation and mounting of skylights.
          1. Unit Sizes: [As indicated on drawings.]
        2. 100% Thermally Broken PVC inner-frame for Condensation Drainage: Factory applied white PVC inner-frame assembly providing a thermal break weather seal and drainage for condensation. The inner-frame design allows positive condensation to the exterior of the curb without exposed drainage openings in the aluminum frame that can introduce air infiltration into the skylight. The PVC inner-frame construction consists of coextruded fins allowing for a dry installation of skylight to the curb, eliminating weather seal strips or caulking at the top of the curb.
        1. Structural Sealant: Factory applied InstantGlaze sealant, bonding the dome to the aluminum frame and suitable for external exposure.

        Specifier: Model DMT- is a Deck Mounted Traditional Dome skylight. Deck mounted skylights are provided with factory installed integral double walled aluminum insulated curbs. Only include deck mount aluminum curb when deck mount skylights are specified.

        1. Deck Mount Aluminum Curb: Factory installed and insulated aluminum curb, 1.5 inches in thickness with 20 gauge mill finished aluminum exterior and 22 gauge mill finished aluminum interior. Curb factory insulated with 1.5 inches of polyisocyanurate board providing an R-value of 8.5. Width and length of curb shall be sized as indicated on drawings with [9] [12] [16] inch curb height. Curb roof mounting flange shall be a minimum 2.75 inches in width.

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        • HauptmaterialAluminium
        • Sekundär MaterialPVC
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