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Interior Glass Walls PURE® Series – PURE® Sonos
Interior Glass Walls PURE® Series – PURE® Sonos
Interior Glass Walls PURE® Series – PURE® Sonos
Interior Glass Walls PURE® Series – PURE® Sonos

    Interior Glass Walls PURE® Series – PURE® Sonos

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    Los sistemas de pared de vidrio enmarcado PURE Sonos brindan la transparencia del vidrio combinada con la clasificación STC para mejorar la privacidad. Con una combinación innovadora de metal y vidrio, el diseño PURE Sonos enmarca completamente los paneles corredizos de vidrio, agregando rigidez y mayor protección acústica sin interrumpir las líneas de visión.

    • DORMAKABA Interior Glass Wall Systemsbring the benefits of glass to the workplace - transparency, daylighting, versatility, efficiency, space saving, and low cost of ownership. The wall systems come in a range of sleek but rugged minimalist designs and configurations so you can select the system that best matches your project's functional and aesthetic requirements.

      DORMAKABA Interior products and solutions help create balance between function and aesthetics in the interior architecture of office units and professional practices. They provide spatial efficiency, transparency, smooth transitions between spaces, comfort and flexibility.

      PURE® Sonos – Framed glass wall systems with sliding doors provide the transparency of glass combined with STC rating to enhance privacy. With an innovative blend of glass and metal, the design fully frames the glass panels, adding rigidity and greater sound protection, without interrupting sight lines.

      PURE®- Unframed glass partitions with swinging and sliding doors create simple, elegant fronts with extended transparent sightlines. Sliding doors work well wherever space is limited. A sleek top track and a small guide at the sill allow for a smooth transition between office and corridor.

      PURE® Enclose- Framed glass partitions with swinging doors provide the aesthetic advantages of glass walls with additional structural and acoustical performance of full framing. The 1-3/4 by 4 1/8 inch metal channels at the floor, ceiling, and walls effectively dampen sound transmission and add structural definition without impeding sightlines. Full framing also accommodates uneven existing floors.

      Fusion - Glass partitions with wood doors constitutes an innovative mixed media concept: cool transparent glass walls merged with warm wood doors. Intriguing options become possible for both modern and traditional décors. Despite the sophisticated combination of elements, the design remains clean and simple - no door control hardware is visible on the door.

      We recommend you consult with your DORMAKABA representative, who can be contacted through DORMAKABA USA, Inc.; (800) 523-8483; email:; website:

      DORMAKABA USA products appear in the following CSI MasterFormat specifications sections:

      DORMAKABA Interiors

      10 22 15 Fixed Glass Panel Partitions: PURE®; PURE® Enclose; Fusion; PURE® Sonos

      10 22 19 Demountable Glass Partitions: DORMAKABA Uniquin


      08 41 26 All-Glass Entrances and Storefronts: Rail Fittings; Patch Fittings; Point Fittings; Muto XL150; Muto XL120SC; Muto L80; RS120 / RS120 SYNCHRO; DRS120; RSP80; TENSOR

      10 22 39 Folding Partitions, Glass: FSW-G, FSW-C; FSW-ES

      10 22 43 Sliding Partitions, Glass: HSW DRS, HSW-ES, HSW Flex Therm


      08 42 29 Automatic Entrances, Swinging: ED 50/100/ED250; ED-IG

      08 42 29 Automatic Entrances Sliding: ESA 100/ESA 100T; ESA200/ESA 200T; ESA 300/ESA300T;

      ESA400/ESA400T; ESA 500

      08 42 29 Automatic Sliding Interior Entrances: MAGNEO

      08 42 43 ICU/CCU Entrances: ICU300 / 300T


      08 42 33 Revolving Door Entrances: 1000 Series; 2000 Series; 3000 Series; 4000 Series; KTC Series

      This document is Copyright© 2022 by DORMAKABA USA, Inc.

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