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Grupo Díaz Redondo

Welcome to grupo díaz redondo, a group of family companies formed by HDR, ICD, PROCERAN and CRN

In round day group we have been manufacturing ceramic products since 1955, face brick, tile, cobblestone, termoarcilla, tile, bottle racks, vaults, among others; This gives us the confidence of know-how, capturing the quality and beauty in each carefully created product.

From the most remote dates, man discovered the virtues of baked clay, molded into small curved pieces, which could be fitted into each other, which completely avoided the filtration of water and were easy to manufacture and transport.

The tiles have given, and continue to give, the name to the roof of the buildings.

Our tiles are selected and preferred by most construction professionals and requested by homeowners. A cover topped by tiles manufactured by HDR is a guarantee of durability, impermeability, ease of installation, excellent finishing and uniform and permanent placement. That's why our tiles have crossed borders.

At present, our tiles comply with all the guarantees required by the building regulations of the main countries, they are produced under strict control, which allows us to offer a guarantee of 35 years in all of them.

The brick, traces its origin to very distant times, and remains alive to this day, combining utility with beauty.

His is a story as old and modern as endless in time. Starting from a raw material as elementary as mud arises a product with which the different peoples of the world through the centuries have been leaving patent in their constructions their culture and their specific way of being.

An old product for a modern building.

We base the quality of our brick in a careful process of elaboration and cooking, in which applying the most avant-garde technology we manufacture with earth, water, air and fire a modern product of great resistance.

From the beginning, we looked for the quality of the brick well done, the brick manufactured by ICD is a guarantee of durability and beauty. All our effort is summarized in a final result: that each new brick produced is equal to the previous one. In this way, the careful completion of each piece is the soul, the essence, of all of them.

The termoarcilla block was born as a response to the needs of a specific sector of the construction, such as the ceramic sector, enriching it with innovative solutions, endowed with a great technical perfection in the manufacture and commissioning, and contributing to a further construction versatile, faster, more economical and with better performance in all the requirements established in current regulations.

The light clay block termoarcilla® is positioned strongly for the future. PROCERAN endowed with great human and technical capital, makes a constant commitment to continuous improvement in fields such as environment, sustainability, quality of production and R + D + i projects of great importance, etc ..., firmly ensuring the put on the market a product that improves the requirements of the different technical regulations in force.

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  Grupo Díaz Redondo
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