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MAVIFLEX puerta plegable rápida MAVIPASS

  • Construcción de puerta autoportante para uso exterior, específica para industria, logística y supermercados con cortina abatible especial.
  • Características de rendimiento: Marcado CE según DIN EN 13241-1
  • Dimensiones (ancho × alto): 2000 – 6000 × 2000 – 6000 mm

Áreas de aplicación: Logística, naves comerciales, naves industriales, almacenes, puertas exteriores.

  • Door curtain:

    • Curtain made of 100% polyester, PVC-coated
    • With spring steel wind lock in curtain pockets

    Fire resistance: class D

    Surface finish:

    Curtain available in the five standard colours based on RAL 1018 Zinc yellow, RAL 2004 Pure orange, RAL 3002 Carmine red, RAL 5010 Gentian blue, RAL 7038 Agate grey.

    Door guide:

    • With flexible guides made of galvanized steel with epoxy-polyester powder coating, which enable a tear-off system.
    • Heated fittings for use at negative temperatures down to –30 °C.
    • Optionally also in stainless steel 304L or 316L.

    Door operation:

    • Heated side operator with electromagnetic brake protected by cover, integrated safety equipment, digital limit switch, motor power 0.37 – 0.45 kW, supply voltage 400 V, 50 Hz, protection category IP 65 as standard with screw and ventilation plugs, emergency opening via emergency crank handle.
    • Control AK E in plastic control box, IP 54, 3-phase, 400 V, size (width × height × depth) = 180 × 320 × 100 mm, frequency converter, electronic travel limit setting, “Open-Stop-Close” membrane push button, automatic timer and display.
    • Connection cable with CEE plug and 3 volt-free contacts.
    • Optional control AK 500 FU E-1.
    • Closing edge safety device through various systems: Soft Edge system in the curtain or light grille in the side, flexible guide rails.

    Door speeds:

    • Opening: approx. 0.8 m/s
    • Closing: approx. 0.8 m/s
    • Opening: approx. 1.2 m/s (frequency converter control)
    • Closing: approx. 0.8 m/s (frequency converter control)


    Professional fitting of the door including wiring as well as adjustment / alignment

    Application areas: Logistics, commercial halls, industrial halls, warehouses, external doors

Especificaciones técnicas
  • Referencia3546
  • Familia de productoIndustrial doors
  • Grupo de productosHigh-speed doors
  • TipoObjeto (objeto simple)
  • Día de publicación2021-06-23
  • Número de edición1
  • Altura (mm)6000
  • Ancho (mm)6000
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  • Material principalPoliester
  • Material secundarioAcero Sherardizado
  • Diseñado enFrancia
  • Fabricado enFrancia
  • Categoría BIMobjectPuertas - Puertas industriales
  • Nombre UNSPSCDoors
  • Código UNSPSC301715
  • Código Uniclass 2015Ss_25_30_20_40
  • Descripción Uniclass 2015Industrial doorset systems
  • Número OmniClass23-17 11 17 25 11
  • Título OmniClass Roller Shutter Overhead Plastic Doors

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