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AV300 AlumaView® Sectional Doors

AV300 AlumaView® Sectional Doors

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Portes sectionnelles à rail et montants en aluminium

D'une épaisseur complète de 3″ , la porte sectionnelle en aluminium Raynor AlumaView AV300 est la porte la plus robuste de la famille AlumaView. L'épaisseur accrue ajoute de la force et de la durabilité. Avec l'incorporation de la barre en U à l'intérieur des rails, il n'y a aucune obstruction à votre vue. L'AV300 est le choix évident pour les concessionnaires automobiles, les lave-autos, les environnements corrosifs, la police, les pompiers et les ambulances, les lubrifiants rapides, les installations de réparation, restaurants, marinas, installations sportives et bâtiments à grandes ouvertures.

  • AV300 Features and Options

    Raynor AlumaView AV300 aluminum sectional rail and stile doors are available with numerous features and options, including those listed below.

    Years of Durability

    AlumaView AV300 door sections are clear-anodized for maximum durability and are designed to withstand minimum wind loads of 20 p.s.f. Higher pressure ratings are available upon request.

    Rugged Hardware and Springs

    The AlumaView AV300 door comes packaged with the right combination of hardware, track, and springs to match your door’s size and application.

    Decreased Energy Costs

    AlumaView doors help you reduce energy costs with a U-shaped, vinyl bottom weatherseal secured by a sturdy aluminum retainer.

    Snap-in Retainer

    AlumaView AV300 panels and glass are sealed and held in place with a snap-in retainer. Clear anodized, RAL9003, RAL 9016 and standard white doors use gray snap-ins. All other doors use black snap-ins.

    Integral U-Bar

    Integral U-bar construction within the rails of the AV300 creates added strength to the section panels and provides for a clean look on the interior of the door by removing trussing obstructions from visible areas (only required for doors wider than 18’2″).

    Header Seal

    Flexible vinyl flap header seal reduces air infiltration and energy costs by sealing the top of the door against the header.

    Jamb Seal

    EPDM rubber jamb seal also helps to reduce air infiltration and decrease energy costs by sealing the side of the door when closed.

    Choice of Windows

    Available in impact glass, tempered, tinted, double pane, insulated, acrylic, or polycarbonate in a variety of thicknesses. Glass thickness range from 1/8″ to 1″.


    The Raynor EnduraCote hardware system comes with springs, tracks, and hardware that are powder coated to provide a clean, finished look and maximum protection against rust.


    Our AV200 and AV300 models offer a sleek 1-pane or trendy 2-pane glass layout. These new glass layouts are available now and vary depending on glass type and door size.

    Aluminum Panels

    For busy work environments and to prevent glass breakage, aluminum panels protect your investment. Choose from insulated panels, kick panels, and impact-rated panels as well.

    High-cycle Counterbalance System

    For reliable operation in high traffic areas, choose high-cycle torsion springs with 25,000, 50,000, or 100,000-cycle life. For reduced maintenance and ultra-smooth operation in heavy-use applications, choose a weight counterbalance system.


    In applications where control and access are important, choose from a variety of locking options to help keep your building secure. Locks come in both inside and outside variations.

    Carbon Monoxide Vent

    Allows you to channel fumes to the outside when the Raynor AlumaView AV300 door is closed. Available in a variety of sizes.

    Customized Track*

    Track systems are supplied to fit special clearances, inclines, or contour applications. Hardware and track systems can be customized to fit any need. Additional trussing is available for special wind loading applications. A QuikClip™ pre-assembled track option is also available.

    *Some options may be limited to door size or model.

    Anodized Finishes

    Choose from six custom anodize finishes including champagne, light bronze, medium bronze, dark bronze, extra dark bronze, or black.

    IECC Requirements Package/California Title 24

    The International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) requires building components to meet minimum Air Infiltration rates. This option will ensure the AV300 and AV200 will exceed the latest IECC and Title 24 standards for air infiltration (only), by using the required header and jamb seals and track mounting. Exhaust ports and pass doors cannot be used. Visit our IECC page for more information.

    Elegant Finish Woodtones™

    Aluminum coated with durable and long-lasting material that delivers a high definition wood grain look.

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