LED line

LED line® is not only light ... it is primarily solutions that give the interior a unique character. Each of our products was created with the places where it will be used in mind. LED line® is a combination of the highest quality light and durability for many years. LED line® perfectly combines efficiency, functionality and aesthetics. The appearance of the products is as important to us as achieving the highest light parameters. We take care of the smallest details so that our solutions perform their functions perfectly and meet the needs of users. When implementing new products, we use carefully selected materials and improve the technologies used so far to maximize their service life. The appearance of the offered products is very important to us, which is why we constantly follow trends to create product designs that are up-to-date for many years of use. We put the quality of LED line® products first. At every stage of implementation, from the idea to the final product, we strive to obtain the highest possible light parameters. Two-stage quality control at the stage of production and acceptance of delivery gives 100% confidence that our customers receive a product that is fully consistent with the information we publish in our materials. The cooperation with the light laboratory confirmed the reliability of information about LED line® products, thanks to which we were the first in Poland to make the results of photometric tests available to all interested parties.

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